Western Montana Clinic

Address: 500 W Broadway, PO Box 7609
Missoula, MT 59807
Phone: (406) 721-5600 Fax: (406) 7213907 Email: wmcinfo@wmclinic.com Website: http://www.westernmontanaclinic.com/

The Western Montana Clinic has been providing care to Western Montana for 90 years. We are a group of 55 health care providers in 18 specialties with close ties to other regional specialists and our local hospitals. Our Mission is to provide you and your family with the same high quality care that any of us would expect for our families. We strive to do so by providing:A well trained staff concerned with your comfort and well-being. Physicians who are highly trained, Board Certified, well-respected in the community, and residing here because they feel it is the best place to live and practice medicine. Office and hospital care for patients of all ages. High quality ancillary services, ranging from basic laboratory testing to sophisticated CT, Dexa, and MRI Scanning. A commitment to the use of technologies such as a Secure Electronic Medical Record that allow us to organize and access information to provide the best possible care. Western Montana Clinic is a full service medical facility. Through WMC departments, most major medical needs of members of the community are met. 

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