Western Tennessee Physical Therapy & Rehab – Pediatric Therapy – Clarksville Tennesseee

Address: 211 Dunbar Cave Road, Suite A
Clarksville, TN 37043
Phone: (931) 648-2224 Fax: (931) 6482225

Our special little ones need that special care.  During your initial visit, our provider will complete an extensive initial evaluation and conduct a variety of diagnostic tests to assess the strength, endurance, power, flexibility, coordination, joint glides, myofascial mobility, neural mobility and integrity of your musculoskeletal and neurological system.

Our provider will spend as much time as it takes…

To listen to your problems.
To Learn about your individual condition by physical examination.
To understand exact cause of the problem.
To explain and educate you ( Detailed information about the diagnosis and plan of care).
To answer any question you may have.
To make sure you understand the problem and you are completely comfortable with treatment plans.
A customized, plan of care will be developed by our therapist to improve address your individual problems and needs.

Additional Location:
230 Dover Road, Suite MCla
Clarksville, TN  37042

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