Whole Hearted Pediatric Therapy

Address: 4301 Atlantic Boulevard, Suite 6
Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: 562-281-7369 Fax: 562-296-4963 Email: NO EMAIL Website: https://wholeheartedpediatrictherapy.com/

Whole Hearted Pediatric Therapy provides evidence-based physical therapy to clients from infancy to 21 years old. All treatments are 1:1 in a quiet, clean, private setting. Individuals of various diagnoses are provided one to one consultations, evaluations and treatments.

Diagnoses may include: infantile torticollis, hypotonia, hypertonia, cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delay, genetic syndromes, coordination disorders, seizure disorders. Infants and children at risk due to prematurity, significant medical history and/or trauma may benefit from physical therapy services.

Whole Hearted Pediatric Therapy offers a range of dedicated services for children needing specialized neurological physical therapy.

In-clinic evaluation and treatment:
We offer a range of specialized equipment and tools that complement our therapy.

Intensive Mobility Training:
If appropriate and as scheduling permits an intensive two-week program may be provided focusing on treadmill training, strengthening, balance training, bi-lateral hand-arm coordination and more

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