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Sportsmen and Women Assisting the Nation's Disabled Sportsmen and Women – The SANDS program was created to help men and women and children with disabilities by providing a means for them to meet able-bodied outdoors men and women who volunteer their time and abilities. By lending a helping hand they are able to assist the disabled to get back something they might have lost or never had. The number one goal of SANDS is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to get out and enjoy all the outdoor activities that Kansas has to offer.

The SANDS program works by providing a web site where individuals with a disability can read up on new events coming up and how to go about signing up for each event that they are interested in.

How the SANDS program works – through the exchange of contact information such as a phone number or email people connect with one another to plan their event. By simply printing off a copy of the names of sportsmen requesting assistance or sportsmen offering assistance from the SANDS web site you create your own contact list of names. There is no one planning your event for you, or telling you who you have to take. It is all voluntary and up to the individuals themselves. Mentors can volunteer time and knowledge and help turn dreams into realities.

Helping out is easy! By providing minimal support for the person you help break down any barriers that might have been. This may include carrying equipment, bait a hook, track down and recover harvested animals or just make sure a person in a wheelchair doesn't get stuck in a rut or hole. The possibilities are as endless as they are creative.

SANDS is more than an outdoor mentoring program. It is a brand new means in which to meet new people with common interests in outdoor settings. The SANDS program enables those who require a little help to join with those who are willing to help so that both may enjoy common interests outdoors.

The SANDS web page information serves as a clearinghouse for those who would like to either offer a hand or find an outdoor partner to provide a hand in the field. The Department is merely providing a service for sportsmen and women with disabilities to find sportsmen and women who are willing to help provide hunting, fishing, camping and other recreational opportunities or just meet a new hunting partner. The Department does not screen users in any manner, but we would ask that no one under 18 years of age participate. However, parents of disabled minors could use this site.


Please visit our website or Contact us for more information:

SANDS Program (Sportsmen Assisting Disabled Sportsmen)
Program Coordinator- Dave Burgess
Phone: (402) 559-3743 (office) or (402) 650-0211 (cell)


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