World Association of Persons With (dis)ABILITIES [WAPD]

Address: 5016 Alan Lane, PO Box 14111
Oklahoma City, OK 73113
Phone: (405) 672-4440 Fax: (405) 672-4441 Email: Website:
"Whether the term is disability, disabled, disabilities, handicapped or whatever the popular ""categorizing"" label…. the World Association of Persons with Disabilities (WAPD) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit association under God, that represents huge portions of the one in five residents of earth that are being… ALIVE, INVOLVED AND EFFECTIVE in their daily living.
WAPD advances the interests of persons with disAbilities at national, state, local and home levels. We believe that all are entitled to high quality of life."
Over fifteen years of "grassroots" planning and growth have catapulted the association to a world leadership position, advancing the soundness and empowerment of the so called "disAbled" everywhere.

WAPD links the "disAbled" and supporters to current "leading edge" disAbility information via the various mediums of communication.


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