Wyoming Life Resource Center (WLRC)

Address: 8204 Wyoming Highway 789
Lander, WY 82520
Phone: (307) 335-6891 Fax: (307) 3356990 Website: http://www.health.wyo.gov/wlrc/index.html

A Residential Community with Therapeutic Support Services The Wyoming Life Resource Center (WLRC – formerly the Wyoming State Training School or WSTS) is a state-owned facility, operated under the Department of Health (WDH).  It has operated since 1912, evolving continuously as best practices have changed.  Today, WLRC is a beautiful 90-acre campus housing WDH programs, with a Head Start program, a public high school, and an office complex.  The WDH programs provide state-of-the-art care, learning and job opportunities for Wyoming residents with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and long-term medical and therapeutic needs.

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