Youth Advocacy Program

Address: 65 W. Broad St.,, Youth Advocacy Intake Clerk, Suite 400
Rochester,, NY 14614

The purpose of the Youth Advocacy Programs is to provide legal representation, educational advocacy, advice and counsel to youth and their families in education related cases. Cases can involve issues of access to school, residency, special education and long term suspension.

What We Do
We provide representation of youth suspected or identified as having a disability in school proceedings such as:

Committee on Special Education meetings
Section 504 meetings

We provide representation of youth who are charged with school misconduct and/or violation of the school's code of conduct in school proceedings such as:
Superintendent hearings
Long-Term Suspension hearings

We provide representation, counseling, and referral to resolve issues involving residency and rights of students to enroll in school.

We provide information, referral, and consultation on issues listed above and other issues such as:
Legal rights and responsibilities of youth, parents, and schools
Strategies to address and resolve concerns and problems
Run-away and homeless youth
Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and 504 Plans

Who Qualifies for the Program
Children and youth from birth to age 21 and their families
Residents of Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, or Orleans Counties

Additional Information
Is this the right program for you?

If one of the following describes either you, your child, or someone you know, our Youth Advocacy Programs may help.
Your child's school believes or has identified your child as a student with a disability which impacts on his or her learning. You have questions about what the school is recommending and your child's school program.
You believe that your child has a disability and should be receiving special education services and/or accommodations to help him or her be more successful in school.
You are a grandparent or other family member caring for a child relative and are having difficulty enrolling the child in school or accessing other services.
The principal has suspended your child from school. The matter has been referred to the superintendent for a hearing and possible long-term suspension.
A youth who is living away from his or her family home is experiencing difficulties enrolling in school.


Please visit our website or Contact us for more information:

Apply for Services:

Monroe County: 585.232.4090

Genesee County: 585.344.2580 ext.5716

Livingston County: 585.243.7049 or 585.243.7944

Orleans County: 1.800.641.6132


Youth Advocacy Offices:

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