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What Brought Us Together

Originally started by a group of families whose children developed cerebral palsy (CP) due to medical errors and birth injuries, our mission has grown to encompass so much more! Whether your child’s CP was the result of a medical error or had some other cause, you’ll find a wealth of information and encouragement on our pages. We want to thank the MyAdvocates legal and medical team for helping us uncover the causes of our children’s CP and for providing support for our website and mission.

Families Helping Families

Every child is a gift, but raising a child with cerebral palsy is a special challenge and unique responsibility. We’ve created this online community to share resources, news, and support with other families raising children with CP. Do you have a favorite cerebral palsy medical or legal resource or an inspirational story you’d like to share? We encourage submissions and feedback from the community. By connecting with other families and sharing what works, we help better the lives of all of our CP kids. Welcome to our family!