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The Importance of Speech Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

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Many children with cerebral palsy experience some level of challenge with speech. Their challenges could be due to cognitive delays and learning disorders or might be the result of damage to the area of the brain that facilitates speech. Augmentative communication devices have opened doors and given new lives to many individuals, providing a means... Read More

Physical Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Physical therapy is a branch of medicine directed at the rehabilitation of muscles and the musculoskeletal system. It helps improve mobility and uses a variety of equipment and exercises to help patients achieve or improve abilities. Although there is no standard therapy that works for every individual with cerebral palsy, many children with CP can... Read More

How to Use Essential Oils for Cerebral Palsy

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Although cerebral palsy is not progressive and the underlying damage doesn’t worsen, there is no available cure for the disorder. It is possible, however, to manage your child’s condition and help make their life as free of pain and stress as possible, and many parents of children with cerebral palsy turn to alternative therapies to... Read More

How Kids’ Yoga Can Help With Cerebral Palsy

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Exercise is often a challenge for children with cerebral palsy, yet they need physical activity to promote their overall health and wellness. Children with cerebral palsy often have reduced muscle tone and a limited range of motion. If you are caring for a child with cerebral palsy, you understand that child may require special medical... Read More

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy and Cerebral Palsy

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Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) helps children and adults develop their ability to use a hand or limb that has been weakened by cerebral palsy. This innovative, non-invasive therapy is an excellent option for helping your child with cerebral palsy improve their fine motor skills and independence. What Is Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy? The philosophy behind CIMT... Read More

Behavioral Modification Therapy and Cerebral Palsy

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Between 25 and 30% of children with cerebral palsy also have a behavioral disorder. Many other children with cerebral palsy also find interacting socially with others difficult. Behavioral modification can help these children regulate their bodies and moderate their emotions. What Is Behavioral Modification? Behavioral modification is a common psychotherapy technique that replaces problematic cerebral... Read More

Can Stem Cell Therapy Be Used to Treat Cerebral Palsy?

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When treating individuals with cerebral palsy, treatments are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Several methods are currently available to treat disabilities that result from the condition, from physical and recreational therapies to oral medications and surgeries. In recent years, researchers have discovered that stem cell transplantation may be an effective way to restore certain abilities in... Read More

Your Part in Obtaining a Letter of Medical Necessity

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When your child needs a particular medication, therapy, treatment, or assistive device, your request to an insurance company, government agency or other funding source can sometimes be denied. Oftentimes they will require a letter of medical necessity, which is typically provided by your physician or therapist. Letters of medical necessity are critical to getting coverage... Read More

Can a Child Recover from Brain Damage?

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Cerebral palsy can result if a baby’s cerebral motor cortex does not develop normally during fetal growth, or if the child experiences a brain injury before, during, or after birth. Though this brain damage cannot be repaired, various treatment options can sometimes improve a child’s capability and prognosis. Generally speaking, the earlier treatment begins, the... Read More

Therapy Options for Children with Tactile Sensitivity

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By Lee Vander Loop CP Family Network Editor Many children with cerebral palsy experience some type of sensory impairment. A study by a Spanish university concluded that children with CP showed reduced sensitivity to non-painful stimuli but enhanced sensitivity to painful stimuli compared to healthy individuals. What’s behind these sensitivities and what can parents and... Read More

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