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Best Activities for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Child Development, Tips for Parents

Even the most supportive parents of children with cerebral palsy may at times wonder whether their kids will be able to participate in certain physical activities. After all, cerebral palsy affects the brain’s motor area, which can make movement, sight and even cognitive ability difficult. But here’s the good news. There are tons of activities... Read More

7 Sources of Financial Assistance for Supporting a Child With Cerebral Palsy

Tips for Parents

Cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability among children. It can put a significant financial strain on parents and caregivers. The medical costs alone for children who have cerebral palsy are 10 times higher than those of children who do not have cerebral palsy. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can seek financial... Read More

Toilet Training Children with Cerebral Palsy

Child Development, Tips for Parents

By Lee Vander Loop CP Family Network Editor Perhaps nothing is more important to a child as he or she grows older than the ability to control their bowels and bladder. With successful “potty training” comes freedom to move into the wider world, such as school or day care. It is a major developmental milestone... Read More

Selecting a Wheelchair-Accessible Van

Equipment, Tips for Parents

By Lee Vander Loop CP Family Network Editor Many families raising a non-ambulatory child face the challenge of finding appropriate transportation when their child becomes wheelchair-dependent and can no longer be transported in a car seat. Parents struggle with questions of where to find financing, what vehicle to choose and what modifications are needed. The... Read More

Preventing the Summer Boredom Blues

Tips for Parents

By Lee Vander Loop CP Family Network Editor It’s the first full week of summer and children have been out of school just a few weeks. Already, many parents are beginning to hear the growing mantra: “I’m bored!” As a parent of four children, I have a very clear memory of the frustration and challenges... Read More

How to Choose an Emergency Generator

Equipment, Tips for Parents

By Lee Vander Loop CP Family Network Editor Many families with special-needs children face a multitude of challenges that others may never experience. The challenge of an extended power outage is frustrating and inconvenient to any family, but when you factor in a special-needs child who relies on medical equipment such as oxygen, a feeding... Read More

Family Vacations for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Tips for Parents

By John Lehman Planning a vacation is an exciting but sometimes difficult task for any family, particularly families who have children with cerebral palsy. Special considerations must be taken into account well before the plane tickets are purchased. Fortunately, the task is not impossible. With a little bit of research, homework and proper planning, you... Read More

Summer Sun Safety Tips

Tips for Parents

By Lee Vander Loop CP Family Network Editor Summer is nearly here and kids are anxiously awaiting summer outings, vacations and outdoor adventures. It’s a time of sports, outdoor play, family gatherings, and warmer weather. With many states restricting beach and park access due to COVID-19, family vacations may be limited to your own backyard,... Read More

Bullying and Children With Special Needs

Tips for Parents, Updates

By Amy Kristine Williams To parents, bullying can seem like one of the more baffling aspects of childhood. Why should one child be singled out so unfairly? The truth of the matter is that there’s no real, justifiable reason. Yet, parents need to know how to deal with bullying, as this is something encountered by... Read More

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