Family Has Adopted 88 Special Needs Kids in the Past Four Decades

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By McKinley Corbley Via If you ever feel like complaining about the multitude of difficulties when dealing with your family, just think about the Geraldi clan and the calamities through which they’ve bravely persevered. Over the course of the last four decades, Michael and Camille Geraldi have become the legal guardians of 88 special... Read More

Handicap Accessible Water Park Making a Splash in Central Texas

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Via Page Levin & CNN When families walk in to the Morgan’s Inspiration Island water park in San Antonio, they won’t find any wheelchair ramps at one of the park’s main attractions: the riverboat adventure. Instead, the boats will rise to meet them, so guests with disabilities can avoid the trouble that often accompanies those... Read More

Diagnostic Radiation Exposure Safe for Children, Experts State

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Via the Society of Nuclear Medicine In an article published in the June 2017 issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, researchers assert that exposure to medical imaging radiation not only doesn’t increase an adult person’s risk of getting cancer, it doesn’t increase a child’s risk. According to the authors, the long-held belief that even... Read More

The Girl from Aleppo

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By:Brent Crane Photos and words via Folks Magazine Two years ago, when Nujeen Mustafa was sixteen, she left everything she had ever known to travel overland to Europe. Mustafa was one of nearly five million externally displaced refugees fleeing indiscriminate bombardment and humanitarian catastrophe in Syria’s civil war. Unlike most of them, though, she is... Read More

Southwest Airlines Helps Special Needs Teen Celebrate Her 18th Birthday


By Alexa Renee VIA KXTV A Roseville teen celebrated a milestone birthday in high fashion, with a little help from Southwest Airlines. Kellisa Kain spent an entire day flying around the country with her family to celebrate her 18th birthday. Kellisa’s father, Chris Kain, is a frequent flyer with Southwest and decided to plan a... Read More

College Staff Help Cerebral Palsy Student Complete Marathon


By Samantha Lauren King Via Two members of National Star college staff helped a student realize her dream of completing a marathon by pushing her 26 miles in an all-terrain wheelchair. Bethan Griffiths, a 22-year-old student at the college who has cerebral palsy, wanted to complete the Brighton marathon in memory of her mum... Read More

Australian Girl with Cerebral Palsy Takes Her Dream to New Heights in China


By Xiong Maoling Via XinhuaNet Read More

Treadmill Exercise, Electroacupuncture May Benefit Cerebral Palsy Patients, Study Suggests

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Patricia Anacia, PHD Via Cerebral Palsy News Today Treadmill training and electroacupuncture (EA) improved behavioral recovery in rats with cerebral palsy (CP), finds a Korean study, “Comparative analysis of the beneficial effects of treadmill training and electroacupuncture in a rat model of neonatal hypoxia-ischemia,” that appeared in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine. In premature... Read More

70,000 Students With Disabilities Secluded, Restrained in School

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One out of every 100 special education students was restrained by school personnel or secluded in school from his or her peers in the 2013-14 school year, presumably to quell behavior that teachers considered disruptive or dangerous. Read More

Biodex Includes Music Therapy in Its Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Treadmill

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Daniela Semedo, PHD Biodex Medical Systems has developed the first movement rehabilitation treadmill for cerebral palsy that includes a music therapy component. The Gait Trainer 3 offers both audio and visual feedback that patients with CP and other movement disorders can use to adjust their walking patterns. It assesses step length, speed and symmetry, or... Read More

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